Autumn seaside – National Trust – Formby

This post doesn’t need all that many words. Formby is stunning, the autumn weather gorgeous and the children happy*

*well when I say happy, obviously that incorporates a wide range of sulking, arguing, fighting, tantruming and general Veruca Salt style behaviour in amongst the happy. But the happy was very happy – paddling, shell collecting and for a certain small boy the sitting in the sea fully clothed experience….

Formby is a brilliant place to visit and an absolute must if you are around the Southport area. It’s so easy to spend a day here – picnics, walks, beach, red squirrels, forests and obviously ice-cream.

50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4

I’ve been handed this by the girl…

It’s a very carefully cut out list of all the things the National Trust think a child should have done before they are 11 3/4 years old. It’s new place is on the front of our fridge and we are under strict instructions that as parents it is our duty to ensure they complete it. Now we’ve already nailed quite a few of these but as a little refresher and as a huge chunk of this list is entirely free to do I’m thinking we’ll give them all another go after all it’s ages since I rolled down a big hill or played on a rope swing.



So what exactly is on the list, well, this….

  1. climb a tree
  2. roll down a really big hill
  3. camp out in the wild
  4. build a den
  5. skim a stone
  6. run around in the rain
  7. fly a kite
  8. catch a fish with a net
  9. eat an apple straight from the tree
  10. play conkers
  11. throw some snow
  12. hunt for treasure on the beach
  13. make a mud pie
  14. dam a stream
  15. go sledging
  16. bury someone in the sand
  17. set up a snail race
  18. balance on a fallen tree
  19. swing on a rope
  20. make a mud slide
  21. eat blackberries growing in the wild
  22. take a look inside a tree
  23. visit an island
  24. feel like you’re flying in the wind
  25. make a grass trumpet
  26. hunt for fossils and bones
  27. watch the sun wake up
  28. climb a huge hill
  29. get behind a waterfall
  30. feed a bird from your hand
  31. hunt for bugs
  32. find some frogspawn
  33. catch a butterfly in a net
  34. track wild animals
  35. discover what’s in a pond
  36. call an owl
  37. check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
  38. bring up a butterfly
  39. catch a crab
  40. go on a nature walk at night
  41. plant it, grow it, eat it
  42. go wild swimming
  43. go rafting
  44. light a fire without matches
  45. find your way with a map and compass
  46. try bouldering
  47. cook on a campfire
  48. try abseiling
  49. find a geocache
  50. canoe down a river

Your child can sign up to the 50 Things to do site with the National Trust here. They email loads of tips and ideas for getting your children back outdoors!