a little bit sorry

*cough, choke* errr yes, I’m a little bit sorry.

Last time I was a Mummy Blogger I was a little bit rude to some people, I used a ‘bot’ to mass block literally thousands of my twitter followers, I deleted my blogs and generally ignored everybody and disappeared. I know I offended people, I saw some gorgeously flattering tweets aimed at me. Ahhhh well.

And why? Well, I got myself a couple of stalker types they could have been the same person or it may actually have been two separate weirdos. They sent me vile messages I won’t go into detail. Couple that with my newly unexpected pregnancy, I may have got just a little bit paranoid and so unfollowed/blocked/deleted everything I could.

And now, well now they’ve disappeared, no doubt stalking someone else and I’ve missed blogging and I shouldn’t have to stop doing things I like because of people like that.

So new start, fresh page and like I said a little sorry to anyone I upset. I’ve tried to remember people to add them back but a lots happened since then and I now have baby brain for the third time so I can’t remember everyone.  I’d love it if you wanted to get back in touch but if not “woottteevver” thats a shame 😦

I’m back

I’ve had a huge break from blogging, deleted every blog, half hearted books and scrap of writing I’d ever written for no real reason other than I felt like it.  Today I decided I missed it, I missed writing down all the things I think about and I missed the relaxation that writing brings. More importantly I missed having a place to write about gorgeous things to eat. So for now I’m definitely back.