Autumn seaside – National Trust – Formby

This post doesn’t need all that many words. Formby is stunning, the autumn weather gorgeous and the children happy*

*well when I say happy, obviously that incorporates a wide range of sulking, arguing, fighting, tantruming and general Veruca Salt style behaviour in amongst the happy. But the happy was very happy – paddling, shell collecting and for a certain small boy the sitting in the sea fully clothed experience….

Formby is a brilliant place to visit and an absolute must if you are around the Southport area. It’s so easy to spend a day here – picnics, walks, beach, red squirrels, forests and obviously ice-cream.

tuna and cheese melt

This is a really cheap, really easy and quick tea to make. Ideal for a Saturday on the sofa staring at a TV.

what you need:

  • packet of potato wedges Mexican flavour  (laaaayzy i know)
  • tin of tuna
  • big squeeze of mayonnaise & ketchup
  • 3 large handfuls of grated cheese
  • 2 onions chunkily chopped
  • 2 red pepper chunkily chopped

what you do:

  • pre-heat oven to 200C
  • toss the onion & pepper in a little olive oil & roast in a large tray for 10 minutes
  • add the frozen wedges to the tray and return to the oven (cook wedges for time specified on packet)
  • mix the tuna with the ketchup & mayonnaise – sprinkle over the cooked wedges
  • sprinkle over the grated cheese
  • return to the oven for a couple of minutes until the cheese melts.

to serve:

you’re really going to need to produce a few veggies with this number – think homemade coleslaw, sweetcorn and perhaps that perpetual children’s favourite baked beans. That’s at least 3 of your 5 a day, which balances out the laziness perfectly.

This serves 2 adults and 2 children – if you need it to go further – add more baked beans!

planning the weekends

Since the return to the drudgery of school routine, our weekends have been eaten up with tiredness, homework, the easy distraction of iPads, TV, general shouting about the pigsty state of bedrooms and my absolute lack of any organisation. I’m not going to allow it to go on. I want my our weekends back.

I want happy outdoor rosy-cheeked children, I want fresh air, I want chilly sunny days, I’d like Autumn picnics, I want to visit *places* with pumpkins and apples, I need to buy chutney and wear scarves. 

So I’m going to make an ENORMOUS effort to plan weekends so that when Saturday comes I don’t spend it wandering around Tesco wondering what to have for my dinner. I’m going to make sure we do things, see people and have fun and if we are home I’m going to make a monumental effort to spend it doing more than just using it as an extended period to nag at the children because to be quite honest I’m becoming just a tad bored of my own voice.