the ghost of bloody Mary

Halloween is drawing near and so talk at school has turned to ghosts, one ghost in particular, the ghost of bloody Mary. Not as I had assumed the vile hangover following a few too many tomato juice & vodkas but an actual ghost who haunts the boys bedroom.

She came home from school with him yesterday after a day filled with scary stories. She is now a firm fixture behind the curtains, possibly in the wardrobe and sometimes under the bed waiting to drag the boy from his covers in the dead of night and into the underworld. She casts all manner of terrifying shadows and has been known to whisper evil things in demonic dog like voices….

I’d like to thank Mary personally for making my bed even more crowded than usual. I just love it now there’s one more in there with us, sleeping with just the baby and a husband wasn’t quite squashed up and uncomfortable enough. I like to have half my body hanging off the bed, I enjoy sleeping with one foot on the floor in a desperate attempt to hold on to a remaining few inches of bed with my name on them and now thanks to bloody Mary that’s all the more possible.


halloween vampire spiders

To make this quick fun halloween decoration you need:

  • 2 sheets A4 green paper
  • 2 sheets A4 black paper
  • 1 sheet A4 black card
  • white crayon
  • sticky tape
  • goggly eyes

Draw around a bowl on the A4 card and cut out

Draw 8 columns on both the black and green paper

Cut the strips out

attach a green and black strip at right angles using sticky tape

Fold one strip over the other until you reach the end of the strip, then fasten with sticky tape.

Repeat until you have 8 bouncy spider legs

attach the spider legs to the rear of the spider body

Turn the spider over, stick on goggly eyes and draw a scary face

We like these so much we’re going to make loads of them and hang them all around our house for halloween.