secret garden

Whilst out walking a route I’ve walked hundreds of times, I suddenly noticed a garden I’ve never seen. I say garden, it was actually a concrete yard and a concrete driveway. However, this patch of concrete was absolutely brimming with food!

Every last inch was used, floor space, walls and fences it was amazing. Apple and pear covered trees growing quite happily in large tubs, various types of plump tomato just waiting to be picked, cabbages, potatoes, rocket, salad leaves, peppers nestled under sheets of plastic cover and I’m pretty sure I saw aubergines tucked away under there too.

I *may* have been envious…. I wanted to run in and pick everything and make it into gorgeous STUFF. The really brilliant thing was that this gardener hadn’t been put off by all the concrete, like I have been…. He just embraced it and turned it into an amazing year around supply of food.

At home I have a pitiful tiny veggie garden, more likely to be inhabited with slugs and cats than an actual vegetable, often used as a sandpit, mud-pie factory or goal post. But what I do have is a big concrete driveway that stands empty at the side of the house and I can’t help thinking that I only saw that secret veggie garden because my driveway WANTED me to see it. Yes, my driveway wants to be a secret veggie garden to, it wants to have apple trees, it wants baskets of herbs hanging from the walls, it’s crying out to be allowed to grow potatoes and cavolo nero, yes, my driveway just wants to be loved.

So I’m going to knock on secret veggie gardener’s door and ask him where to start and for some concrete food growing tips then I’m going to transform my concrete into food, because driveways are worth it too.