paying for homework…

It’s true. I have no shame. I pay my child to spell his words correctly in his spelling tests.

After months of quite honestly pitiful scores, we now enjoy a 100% pass mark in the weekly spelling test and all because I pay for results. I’ve made a little bargain with the boy that if he tries hard as opposed to not trying at all I’ll pay him an amount per correct spelling.  I like to think it’s educational…. after all receiving payment for your efforts has to be an important life skill, yes? Either that or I’m guilty of bribery and corruption… but even that has it’s up sides, he’ll be well grounded for a career in banking, politics, journalism….

For now I’m more than content handing over the 2p for every correct spelling and overly smug that he spells so cheaply.


2 thoughts on “paying for homework…

  1. 2p! Nice one. My dad said he’d pay me 5p per skip when I was learning to skip aged seven. I practised all day and by some fluke managed nearly 200 in a row before I tripped. Previous best for the day had been less than twenty. Hahaha take that, dad.

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