the random questions of a 7 year old boy…part 2

This week the boy has wondered…

  1. What is a widget?
  2. Who is Major Tom?
  3. When you’re a genius do you need to have really neat handwriting like my teacher says?
  4. How much longer is it until David Cameron stops and we can have a new Prime Minister?
  5. If yesterday was today what day would it be tomorrow? What day is it again today?
  6. What do I need to study at school to get a job as a Lego creator?

and my answers….

  1. A widget is a special little ball they put in Guinness so that it pours out nicely, daddy can probably help you further.
  2. Major Tom, well he’s a fictional astronaut, David Bowie made him up.
  3. Your teacher is wrong in this case, geniuses can have any handwriting they choose, as in fact can anybody, it’s just that teachers like neatness and to be honest aren’t that big on the creation of genius especially when they don’t fit the neat mould…
  4. Well unfortunately not until May 2015…. unless there is a vote of no-confidence, which I doubt there will be because this is the era of apathy.
  6. Lego creators are more than likely going to be good at maths and science and art…. just try to do your best lovely.

I just love the boy and his wonderings….


One thought on “the random questions of a 7 year old boy…part 2

  1. 2: Illustrator Andrew Kolb made a children’s book of the song, later animated by Andrew Ruttan – it’s on Vimeo here; it’s about five minutes long, and very well done, but it’s a sad story – ask your Mum if she thinks it’s ok for you to watch it.

    3: It can help a genius get their ideas across to other people if they’re written neatly though! It’s worth trying to be neat, because after a while, you don’t have to try, that’s just how your handwriting is.

    6: Here’s what Lego say; Basically, be enthusiastic and imaginative!

    There you go, I come to the blog for the recipes, I stay for the questions 🙂

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