toddler raising – sleeping

I’m going to write today about sleep. I haven’t been paid by a government body, I haven’t studied a degree in childhood development, nor am I a psychologist, but what I do know all about is sleep, or the lack of it.

I have nine years experience in the sleep behaviour of babies and small children and so I bestow upon you my conclusions.

  • a child will sleep if it wants to
  • if it makes you feel better by all means conduct a little bedtime routine, milky drinks, warm baths, the addition of lavender oil to your evening. Every little helps…
  • it’s best if you don’t try desperately to get your child to sleep as much as everybody else’s child seems to, that way you avoid feeling like a failure and getting annoyed at lack of any progress.
  • co-sleeping is fine in my book and if it means you get some as opposed to no sleep, then buy a bigger bed and go with the flow.
  • try not to become obsessed in the pursuit of a perfect nights sleep, it does not exist.
  • TV personalities, baby book writers do not know you or your child and your child will not be reading the sleep manual and so won’t know he is supposed to follow it.
  • always expect to get no sleep and then any bit of sleep you do get can be seen as a massive bonus.
  • remember it won’t last forever…. or maybe it will – that’s just the chance you take when you make babies…
  • I take comfort in the fact that my ‘non-sleeping through the whole night children’ will be survivors, they won’t get eaten by a bear in the cave at night because one of them is always on guard to warn the others…. I think maybe we are not supposed to sleep all night, just in little bursts, I think it’s a survival response leftover from the days of errr caves…..

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As ever, no need to thank me.


6 thoughts on “toddler raising – sleeping

  1. Saw the link on twitter, thought ‘oh god, not another “expert” telling us how to get our kids to sleep’ … very pleasantly surprised! Love this post – speaks a thousand truths (well, ok, 9) 🙂

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