the random questions of a 7 year old boy

This week it’s included…

This is a short list of the random things I’ve been asked this week by the boy (age 7  and a tiny bit)

  1. Can a pelican turn its beak inside out to itch the inside of its mouth?
  2. Where is that mug I got, the one I got with my smartie Easter egg or was it buttons, I think it was a mug, it could have been an egg cup… anyway where is it?
  3. Guess what the only flavour of crisps is that I don’t like – it’s any flavour which isn’t cheese or onion.
  4. Is 2012 an actual real number like in counting or is it just a made up one for an advert?
  5. Which part of the pig is it’s bacon?
  6. What is a tight meff?
  7. Are those people over there cannibals?

And my answers…..

  1. Probably not but we could google and see for sure.
  2. It will have more than likely fallen out of the cupboard and sadly broken, mummy remembers being very upset about it.
  3. Oh. okay.
  4. It’s an actual number like 2011, 2012, 2013 (continues counting to infinity)
  5. Please can we speak about it later as now your sister is hysterical about animal welfare and won’t eat her lunch.
  6. A quick search of the Urban Dictionary online would lead me to believe it is an alcoholic homeless person and the word originated in Liverpool.  As in “look at that guy, he’s a proper meff”.
  7. No, I actually think they are just kissing and should probably get a room.

7 thoughts on “the random questions of a 7 year old boy

  1. What a great idea for a post. I am constantly asked questions by my 9 year old. Some are so ridiculous, some serious and some from another plant. I try to answer them all but if in doubt the reply is “why/what/where/how do you think?”.

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