toddler raising

As this is toddler number three I’m raising you’d think I’d have learned that it is entirely unnecessary to buy them any toys at all. Whilst that lovely red wooden bus with peg people does look sweet and conjures images of an Enid Blyton childhood, nobody will every play with it and it will be despatched box fresh more than likely via the medium of eBay, along with the pirate ship, the garage, the population of a small country of Little People and the endless variety of jigsaws, stacking toys and the dullest of all the shape sorters.

So here it is toddler raising tip number one –  save yourself hundreds and hundreds of pounds and simply provide them with a swing lid kitchen bin, a series of magazines you haven’t yet read, a packet of drinking straws, various sizes of tupperware lids, potatoes, fridge magnets, plug socket safety covers, a permanent felt tip pen and wardrobes full of freshly ironed clothes for them to empty out all over the floor at frequent intervals.

It really is all they need, no need to thank me.


7 thoughts on “toddler raising

  1. YES! I actually find this stage hard. The world is their toy and they are utterly bored by anything we may encourage them to play with, choosing instead a trail of distruction and table climbing.

  2. Pots, pans, wooden spoon, the laundry basket, shaving foam, loo roll, make up (in paticular mascara and nail varnish), mobile phones, remote controls and keys.Nice to see you blogging again 🙂

  3. Oh yes! The magazines particularly must be ones you’ve not yet read. The used ones are about as much fun as the wooden bus and the pirate ship.

    Also, soccer is best when played indoors with oranges, and the clothes dryer is the perfect place to ensure the shouting volume is tripled.

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